New Schedule...

We are somewhat settled in. Life is different with me back at work and Gary with a revised schedule, but we are doing okay. Last week was tough, but I managed to deal with things pretty well. I miss Lainey, but the students have a strange way of keeping you very distracted. And the silver lining of Gary's new work schedule is that he gets a bit more time with her in the mornings. I know he is enjoying that (and so is she)!

Lainey turned 9 months old on Tuesday! I can't believe it. It's so cliche, but I never knew time could pass so quickly. In 3 short months, she will be ONE!!! One!! What happened??? It just passed before my very eyes. I'm loving every second of it. Every day she seems to be soaking something new into her brain.. new words, new sounds, new faces, new gestures, new teeth. She's clapping, waving, and saying two words (book and doggy)! It's unbelievable. I'm so thankful to be her Mommy. Now, if only she'll add THAT word to her repertoire! I'm working on a new craft (a family photo book to teach her faces/names of everyone). I will post pics once I've finished that. I'm also working on a toy box project. Next up after that? Birthday party invitations! Yikes! Until then...

9 Months-
I have subtitled this- Who stole my baby and brought me a little girl??!?


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